Death Cafe

September SW London Death Cafe

September SW London Death Cafe

Next SW London Death Cafe will be in April 2015, 7PM – 9.00PM

Exact date will be confirmed closer to the time

To book, go to: Death Cafe

Testimonial from our March SW London Death Cafe:

I went to a cafe in Putney to talk about death. I’ve been involved in some home deaths and burials but never really sat down to talk about them or about death in general.  This Death Cafe was unusual – it was just Suzanne and myself, which allowed us to have a long one-to-one.  Suzanne is a brilliant conversationalist around death. She brings many experiences of connections beyond time and space at the moment of death, as well as deep study in recent neuroscientific research around death, life and consciousness.  Our conversation ranged from the deaths of some people close to us, through being with pain and grief, across the alignment of heart and mind as a crucial doorway to the non-material, to the questions of what is consciousness and what is it that is alive. An exceedingly rich and soul-nourishing connection!

“We live lives that are constantly on the go and never allow’s a moment to reflect on our experiences through life.The good, the bad and the times life takes us by surprise. Sometimes life surprises us in ways we hope are never possible on certain occasions but it’s inevitable that these events occur and we are often left bewildered and unsheltered from the raw emotion that come with the experience, death is an inevitability and we spend little time reflecting exactly what the experience does to us and our loved ones or what it would do to us when it happens. We spend so much time avoiding the fact it can Happen at any moment but we never give ourselves enough time to face the fears of our own mortality or the mortality of our loved ones.

I spent a lot of time in fear of the experience of a loved on’s death or my own, at the death cafe I was given the opportunity to allow myself those conversations to connect with people who have their own experiences with death as well as those who have gone through the motions of consoling loved ones and even themselves. The conversations where enriching and the atmosphere was that of respect and empathy. I had gone into the death Cafe with no expectations but what  I got was more profound than I could ever imagine possible“. T.D.A. Student and artist

“My first Death Cafe experience left the impression in me that there is a place for everyone, with many different beliefs, experiences, cultural backgrounds, age differences, and with the common goal of increasing the awareness of dying and death. A place where we do not have to shy away from inviting death and share our individual and common feelings with ‘IT’. It was such a respectful way of listening and embracing each others’ stories. I truly look forward to next Death Cafe”. T.V. Teacher

Launching on Monday 4th Nov SW London Death Cafe in Putney SW15.  7.00PM – 9.15PM

” Death Cafe” are for me the most wonderful and unique events where for a couple of hours I am exposed to such a variety of people who have their own unique views and experiences with death.  It is comforting to realise that I am the only one who has been crushed by the death of a loved one or profoundly transformed by bereavement and came out a better person.” Suzanne

To book your place on this free event (only buy yourself a dish and drink), go to


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